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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of manual tattooing.  Pigment is inserted in the upper-reticular dermal layer of the skin, making tiny hair-like strokes using a manual micro-blade tool.  Because this is more superficial than a traditional tattoo, it is considered semi-permanent, results last 1-2 years.  Annual touch ups are recommended.  With Microblading, we can create completely natural looking eyebrows, since every hair is drawn manually with a very thin blade specifically created for this purpose.











What is Ombre Brows & Shading?

Ombre Brows/Shading/powder brow at Washington Microblading are also done manually.  This is also more superficial in the skin than traditional tattooing.  A stippling motion is used to create a solid filled looking brow, similar to what a makeup pencil filled brow would look like.  With Ombre brows, a specific technique is used to get the progressing color variation (lighter towards the head & top of the eyebrow).  Where as Shading/powder filled is the same technique but can be used anywhere in the brow, not necessarily gradual fading like Ombre.  Both Ombre and shading can be used in combination with Microblading.  Results last 1-2 years. This is a fabulous alternative to microblading, for those with oily skin.



What is a Combination Brow? 

A combo brow is a combination of both Microblading & shading in the same brow. 


What is the Machine Hair Stroke or Nano Brow? 

This is the latest and greatest technique in the Permanent makeup world.  Here a cosmetic tattoo machine is used with a single point needle.  Like Micro-blading, it creates hair like strokes but looks even more natural than a Microbladed eyebrow.  This lasts longer than Micoblading and shading, and fewer touch ups are needed over the years.  Healed results are great on all skin types, anything from dry to oily and problematic.  This is the evolution of Microblading & you will only find it available here at Washington Microblading.  Artist, Jodi Muraski, was trained by a World Pro Artist, Dora Hallos from Hungary.  Very Few Permanent Cosmetic Artists are trained in this technical, incredibly realistic, & high skill set.  

Does it hurt? 

On a scale of 1-10 clients report 3-5.  A small amount of discomfort should be expected but also be manageable.  You will be numbed with a lidocane based topical cream at least twice during the procedure.  More as needed.   


How Long does it last? 

This is Semi-permanent makeup meaning the results will last 1-2 years.  It will eventually alter & fade.  For this reason annual touch ups are recommended.  


How long is the healing process? 

Microblading is a two step process!  Initial procedure plus a touch up procedure.  But expect about 7-10 days for the true healing stage.  The first 24 hours after your brows have been tattooed, is the most involved.  You will wipe your brows with distilled water plus an ointment every hour.  I will provide everything for you.  Days 2-10 expect them to look dark and to form a thin epithelial crust (like a scab).  You will continue to apply ointment but only as needed, one or two times a day.  No sweating, working out, sun exposure or water on them during this week.  Days 10-20 they will lighten and look patchy.  Day 21+ the color will come back in and settle.  Full results take a month.  Also note, a touch up is absolutely necessary! 


What is a touch up? 

A touch up is needed 6-8 weeks after your initial procedure.  There will be places the pigment doesn't take well into the skin. The touch up fills in these areas and also gives the color depth we want.   A similar touch up is also done annually to maintain your brow color and shape, this is about $200-$250 depending on work needed.  If it has been 2 -5 years since a touch up,  expect full price since complete brow mapping and procedure will be needed. 


How long does an appointment take?

Microblading and Ombre brows take 2-3 hours


What forms of payment do you take?

Credit or Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard) Cash, Check or Venmo.  Payment is due at time of service.






Am I a candidate for Microblading/Shading/Machine Stroke? 

The best healed results for a microbladed brow are on normal to dry skin types.  If you have oily skin, a combo brow or ombre brow is recommended.  Microblading can certainly be done on oily skin but just know the results will vary from that of a dry skin type.  A combo or just ombre brow is a beautiful solution.  If you have diabetes a note from your doctor will be needed.  Please wait 4 weeks before microblading if you have had botox in the forehead or a chemical peel. 


You are not a candidate if..... 

If you are undergoing cancer treatments.

If you are pregnant. 

If you are breastfeeding, please talk to your pediatrician, most regard it completely safe.  Pigment does NOT enter your blood stream or interfere with milk production. 


Do I need a consultation? 

A $50 consultation is always welcome.  This will be applied towards your procedure if you choose to schedule.  If you decide not to go forward with my services, the deposit covers my time in consultation with you.  Please note, I always talk with each client for the first 15 mins of a procedure appointment,  a mini consult, to answer questions & discuss shape, color and technique.  Also emailing any questions is recommended.  

Cancellation Policy

Please give Washington Microblading 24 hrs notice when canceling an appointment. 

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