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Amazing Eyebrow Shapes for Microblading

While microblading is an effective way to get the eyebrow look that you desire, its results can last for a long time. With regular touch-ups, you are looking at a look that will last up to three years. That is a long time to commit, so it is important that you choose a look that will remain relevant throughout that time and isn’t too much of a gimmick. Consider the following shapes and how well they might look with your own facial features.

High and Sharp

For those who have more rounded faces, this look will give you the appearance of a lifted face. It is excellent for making you look slimmer, and it will add definition to the rest of your face. It is also a style that is not limited to any age group, so you won’t have to worry about being considered too young or old to pull it off.

Arch Designs

If you have smaller eyes, using a middle arch design will work to bring more attention to them. This design needs to be thinner, and you should remove any hairs that appear underneath the arch. For those who want a look that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, consider the hint of an arch look. This design shapes the arch of your eyebrow to add definition but is a very natural look that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

The Rounded Look

Not everyone will look good with shapes that focus on the arch of the eyebrow. Some facial shapes just can’t sport it, but that is okay. Rounded eyebrows are suitable for people who have square or heart-shaped faces because they accent your forehead and can round out your chin. This look is also wonderful if you have darker eyes or high cheekbones.

Straight Brows

While people who have round faces may opt for high arches and sharp features to slim the appearance of their faces, those who have longer faces may benefit more from having straight eyebrows. This style will even out your brows and fill in any gaps so that you have a much fuller looking eyebrow. It will make your face look smaller, and it is not very difficult to maintain at all.

Find Your Perfect Style

Washington Microblading can help you find a look that makes you feel great about who you are and reduce the amount of time you spend on maintaining your eyebrows. To learn more about our designs and process, give us a call at 360-214-1666 or contact us online. We will make it simple and painless for you to find your unique look.

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