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Benefits of Microblading Thin vs. Thick Eyebrows

Beautiful and meticulously sculpted eyebrows are "in," but achieving your desired look naturally isn't always easy. This is especially true if you have naturally thick eyebrows that are difficult to shape—or if you suffer from thin or sparse brows. Fortunately, microblading now makes it possible for those with thick or thin eyebrows to achieve the arch, definition, and fullness they desire through the use of a semi-permanent tattoo makeup pen!

Specifically, a microblading pen is used to inject pigment into the skin that creates the appearance of individual eyebrow hairs. This eliminates the need for daily application of eyebrow pencils, gels, and other cosmetic products—thus saving you precious time and hassle!

Benefits of Microblading for Thin Eyebrows

Some people are simply born with thinner eyebrows, though years of over-plucking can also prevent eyebrow hair from growing back. Whatever the reason may be, microblading can be an excellent solution to improve the shape and fullness of each brow. Specifically, a microblading pen can be used to fill in areas where natural eyebrow hair is sparse. It can also be used to create more definition or to change the shape of the brows so that they better compliment the face. And because microblading uses tattoo pigment, you don't have to worry about your brows "washing off" when you sweat, swim, or even wash your face!

Benefits of Microblading for Thick Eyebrows

While most people think of microblading solely as a solution for thin eyebrows, the reality is that this procedure can also be used for those with naturally thick brows. In fact, many people with thick or "unruly" brows rely on microblading to help shape their brows without having to use gels, pencils, trimmers, and tweezers on a regular basis. Simply put, an experienced microblading specialist can help you achieve the best possible look using your natural brows and just a little help from the right tattoo pigment.

Whether you're looking to achieve a rounded look or prefer a more drastic arch, microblading can help you get the look you want regardless of whether you have naturally thin brows, naturally thick brows, or something in between.

Schedule Your Microblading Session Today

Interested in giving microblading a try and saying "goodbye" to those time-consuming brow products? Our team at Washington Microblading is here to help. You can book your microblading appointment online or by giving us a call directly at (360) 214-1666. We also offer powder ombre brows and free touch-up appointments between six and eight weeks to keep your brows looking their best!

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