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Best Benefits Of Eyebrow Microblading

For those who wish their eyebrows were fuller and more arched, there is perhaps no better option than microblading. A superficial form of tattooing, this beauty treatment involves etching small semi-permanent "hairs" into the skin to create beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows. The treatment has been around for decades now but has grown in recent years due to the popularity of fuller-looking, "naturally" sculpted eyebrows, not to mention the inconvenience of using makeup in an attempt to achieve this effect.

For those trying to decide whether or not microbladed eyebrows is the right decision for them, here are some of its best benefits:

Microblading Saves Time and Money

For those who regularly fill in their eyebrows with makeup, microblading can save a ton of time and money. Just imagine — no more eyebrow pencils, shadow or wax, and no more spending several minutes or longer each morning steadily drawing and shaping!

They Are Not Actually Permanent

Even though microblading involves a form of tattooing (with small cuts filled with ink as opposed to a standard gun), the strokes are only made into the top layers of skin and only last between one and three years. Since minds (and style trends) may change further down the line, this is a great thing.

The Microblading Procedure is Quick and with Minimal Pain

One of the biggest questions that many people have about microblading is whether or not it hurts. A good microblading technician will take steps to numb the eyebrow region first before beginning, so there should be minimal pain, if any. Some people who have reported pain have likened the treatment to getting small paper cuts or mild stinging and nothing more.

Microbladed Brows Look Extremely Natural

When done right, a set of microbladed eyebrows appear indistinguishable from real eyebrows. In fact, you’d have to get pretty close to someone’s face to even notice the difference. Even then, they still look far more natural than makeup! It also helps that microbladed eyebrows will never smudge or move out of place. So if anything, they can also look better than real eyebrows.

Side Effects Are Minimal

Many claim that eyebrow microblading comes with virtually no side effects. However, the truth is that this treatment does come with a few side effects, albeit minimal. Once the numbing method (usually a cream or gel) wears off after the treatment, some aching and mild pain in the eyebrow region is normal. Some people may also notice minor swelling and redness within 24 hrs of treatment, though everything should be fully healed within a week. There is also a minor risk of infection during the healing time, which can be greatly reduced by following proper aftercare steps.

Microblading isn’t for everyone, but for many it’s actually the best option around. People with eyebrows that have been permanently thinned out from illness, drug treatments, hormones or simply years of plucking are the best candidates, but anyone who is unhappy with their natural eyebrows is likely to benefit from the treatment. For those who are still unsure, it’s a good idea to browse through plenty of “before and after” photos of real people who have had it done.

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1 Comment

samantha scott
samantha scott
Sep 29, 2020

The thing I like about Microblading is that it does not smudge or smear off, even with exercise for those with an active lifestyle. see:

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