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Microblading 101: How Semi-Permanent Cosmetics Became Winning Cosmetic Procedures

Following the latest beauty and makeup trends can feel like a full-time job. After all, new products and services are always being introduced to the market. Every week, it feels like there is a new trend or cosmetic item that we just HAVE to try. While most beauty trends wax and wane eventually, the keepers tend to stick around.

Today, we want to talk about microblading, one of the fastest-growing trends in the world of beauty cosmetics.

Understanding Microblading: A History and Introduction to Semi-Permanent Cosmetics

Microblading is the act of implanting pigment into the skin after a series of finely crafted incisions are made. Also considered a form of tattooing technique, microblading is pursued when individuals want to enhance the look of their brows to create, reshape, or recolor how they appear.

While researchers have reason to believe that microblading was popular thousands of years ago, we most closely associate the technique with The Japanese Method, a technique borne out of Asia close to 25 years ago.

Microblading goes by several different names including:

  • Microstroking

  • Feathering

  • Hairstroking

  • Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo

  • The Japanese Method

  • 1D, 3D, 6D Microblading

No matter what name the service is rendered under, there is a multitude of benefits that microblading can provide. To properly prepare you for your potential microblading procedure, let's outline a few of the most sought after benefits of conventional microblading services.

  1. Bigger Bolder Brows - Microblading artists can tailor their work to meet the needs of the individual client. As everyone has slightly different eyebrows, this means that you can expect a service that meets your needs specifically. Microblading is great for building bigger brows that give you a bold, beautiful, and stunning look! Celebrities that have enjoyed microblading include Adele, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mila Kunis.

  2. Longevity & Value - Microblading is not a service that you undergo every week. Instead, clients can expect their microblading service to last for a long time with only minimal maintenance and upkeep. Whether you are sweating at the gym or swimming in the pool, your brows are going to look as good as the day that they underwent microblading.

  3. No Recovery Time - If the phrase 'cosmetic procedure' puts a scare in your spine, don't worry! Microblading is a safe, effective, and painless procedure with little to no downtime. Upon completion of your microblading service, you will be free to return to life as normal. You can drive your car, hit the gym, and head back to work!

  4. Minimize Makeup Prep - How much time do you spend every morning on your makeup routine? After a professional microblading service, you won't have to waste any more time on your brows. A few minutes saved every day can begin to add up quickly!

Find the Right Microblading Artist

While microblading is not an entirely new service, it is certainly trending throughout the United States for the first time. As technicians continue to pop up to take advantage of this new market, be sure to look out for reputable professionals with experience.

Find a credentialed technician today to enjoy the microblading service you deserve.

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