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Microblading in the Fall

When you aren't happy with the way your eyebrows look, chances are that you'd like more volume. There are different ways to get the look of more volume, and microblading is one of them. It uses pigment that is applied into the skin to add more volume to the eyebrows. It isn't the same as permanent makeup, as it doesn't go as deeply into the skin as permanent makeup. It does, however, look great and make the eyebrows look fuller. It is particularly good for those who have eyebrows that are very thin or that are sparse.

Why the Fall?

After getting microblading done, there is a long period of aftercare that requires you to keep your eyebrows away from things like sweat and too much sun. It even requires that you wash your hair in the sink for a little while after the procedure. To keep your microbladed eyebrows in the best condition, fall is a great time to do it. Because the air is colder and dryer, it's easier to make sure that you don't sweat on the affected area. And because you likely won't spend as much time outdoors, so too much sun on your eyebrows won't be a problem.

There are a number of behaviors that you can't engage in for the first 10 days to a month after getting your microblading. This includes going swimming, which most people are far less likely to do in the fall. In fact, staying indoors and leaving your eyebrows alone is the best thing you can do, and this is far easier in the fall. There's a nip in the air in the fall, so you are more likely to stay inside and do activities there. And because it isn't winter yet, you likely won't want to wear a hat when you do want to spend time outside.

Taking Care of Pigment

Though you have to take great care of the area for a while after you have had your microblading done, that won't last long. Once they have healed, they won't wash off or fade with the sun. Soon you will be able to get back to whatever it is that you like to do- only with fuller eyebrows.

If you are interested in getting semi-permanent brows, Washington Microblading specializes in just this service. With one session of microblading, you also get a touch-up that is included in the price. This will keep your brows looking great long-term. You can get microblading that matches your eyebrow color, or you can get omber brows for a fun new style.

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