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Microblading with a Previous Eyebrow Tattoo

Can You Microblade Over an Existing Eyebrow Tattoo? In Many Cases, the Answer is Yes!

Your eyebrow tattoos looked gorgeous when you first had them done -- but that quite a while ago. Over time, any kind of tattoo will naturally fade, leaving vague, discolored impressions in place of the sharp, clear results you originally enjoyed. The good news is that, in many cases, we can actually microblade over an aging eyebrow tattoo. Let's look at the major considerations and potential challenges involved.

Two Important Factors: Darkness and Shape

We can probably tell whether it's possible to microblade over your eyebrow tattoos without your actually coming in for an in-person evaluation. Send us photographs of your eyebrows taken in natural lighting, with your forehead relaxed, and without any makeup or special camera filters that might yield altered images. Two important factors will jump out at us right away: darkness ahd shape.

An overly-dark tattoo would obscure any new lines we add through microblading. Tattoos applied too deeply, or with too much density of pigment, will impose a dark, blocky, shadowy, unrealistic effect on our work. As for shape, we must follow the shape of the original tattoo as we apply the microblading technique in order to cover it up properly. If the tattoo extends beyond the natural outline of natural eyebrows, the new microblading will look unnatural as well. As long as tattoo work you wish to cover is sufficiently light and adheres to a natural eyebrow shape and outline, we should have no trouble adding realistic-looking microbladed eyebrows on top of it.

Shading and Combination Techniques for Natural-Looking Results

A pure microblading job placed over an older pure microblading job will only produce a jumble of "hairs" instead of the smooth, natural look you seek. we can eliminate this issue through the subtle use of shading and combination techniques. shading involves using pigment to create a smooth, uninterrupted area of color. We can lay shading over the old pure microblading job to smooth out its appearance. When we then apply new microblading over this effect, the combination allows the new microblading to make its effect without any interference from the older microblading underneath.

When All Else Fails, Consider Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

If a careful evaluation has led to the conclusion that we just can't create realistic, good-looking microbladed eyebrows over your eyebrow tattoos, you still have the option of getting those tattoos removed altogether. This would give us a blank canvas so to speak, to create exactly the look you want. We can advise you on the different methods, pros, and cons of eyebrow tattoo removal.

Don't assume that you're stuck with your current look because of an old, faded pair of eyebrow tattoos. Contact Washington Microblading today by calling us booking an appointment online. You may have a beautiful surprise awaiting you!

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