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Nanoblading vs. Microblading

Should You Undergo Nanoblading or Microblading?

People seek eyebrow enhancement for a variety of reasons, from replacing eyebrows lost to disease or medical treatment to simple enhancement of what they already have. If you'd like to change the shape or fullness of your eyebrows without messing with makeup every day, you may find yourself puzzled by the choice between two popular cosmetic procedures, nanoblading and microblading. The following considerations should help you arrive at a final decision.

How Both Procedures Work

Both microblading and nanoblading accomplish the same general purpose in the same general way. In both procedures, the aesthetician makes tiny cuts along the eyebrow arch before applying a tattoo-like pigment to them. The resulting fine lines look just like natural eyebrow hairs, altering the arch or increasing fullness to suit your individual preference. In either case, you may need to stop plucking your brows and taking any blood-thinning medications in advance of your procedure. You should experience minimal discomfort from the procedure, thanks to a local anesthetic administered beforehand. Complete healing may take a few weeks.

Advantages of Nanoblading

Nanoblading represents the current state of the art in semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement. The use of a single fine tool allows for finer, more precise, potentially more realistic-looking "hairs." This minimally invasive approach also produces less bleeding and discomfort, with the results lasting up to twice as long as microbladed brows. Since skin oil production shortens the lifespan of this type of cosmetic enhancement, nanoblading will probably work better for you in the long run if you struggle with oily skin and large pores.

Advantages of Microblading

With all the pluses of nanoblading, you might wonder why some people choose microblading instead (and whether you should do the same). While microblading can produce slightly less precise results due to the use of a tool that makes multiple cuts simultaneously, the difference should prove minimal if you're just adding a small degree of fullness to your existing eyebrows. More significantly for many individuals, microblading can cost substantially less than nanoblading, and you can compensate for its shorter lifespan (which may still give you up to 18 months of satisfaction) by retouching your brows as needed.

Schedule Your Preferred Procedure Today

As you can see, your choice between nanblading or microblading hinges mainly on your budget, how long you want your results to last, and what kind of skin you have. Whether you decide in the end to pursue nanoblading or microblading, you'll find what you need here at Washington Microblading. Our expert team can perform both procedures with equal skill, producing beautiful results that leave you with the eyebrows of your dreams. Contact us today.

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