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The Beautiful Benefits of Nano Brows 

If you've never liked the sparse or uneven appearance of your eyebrows, you may find yourself attracted to the option of supplementing your natural brows with permanent cosmetic tattoos that bear a striking resemblance to the real thing. Even after deciding to pursue this option, however, you may wonder whether you should choose microblading or nano blading (a.k.a."nano brows''). Let's look at some key reasons to consider nano brows vs microblading.

Nano Brows Allow for More Precision (and Less Pain)

Microblading can create realistic results, but the instrumentation (which involves a single tool fitted with multiple needles) can't provide the same degree of customization as nanoblading. For nano brows, each "hair" is added individually with a single needle to create the ideal result for your individual face. At the same time, the smaller needle used for nanblading means less post-procedure bleeding and discomfort.

Nano Brows Can Last for Years

Microblading can give you beautiful, full-looking brows for up to 12 months before you need to have the procedure repeated. By contrast, nano blading can last for anywhere from one to three years. By choosing this option, you'll be buying yourself less hassle down the road, not to mention paying for fewer brow restoration appointments over time.

Nano Brows Can Prove More Effective for "Problem" Skin

Cosmetologists generally recommend microblading for healthy people with fairly normal skin (neither oily nor dry, with normal-sized pores). However this approach doesn't produce the same results when used on people with oily skin. The extra skin oil accelerates the fading of the pigments that create the permanent tattoos. Nano blading fades less quickly for people with this type of skin. It's also the procedure of choice for scarred or abnormally thick eyebrow skin.

Nano Brows Are Best for Darker Complexions

The darker your skin, the darker your permanent tattoos need to be to stand out and achieve the desired effect. As noted above, however, microbladed eyebrows fade more quickly than nano brows, and this effect can cause the tattoos to all but disappear on dark skin. This disappointing, short-lived result would be reason enough to go with nano blading for its ability to stay darker and maintain a realistic, effective look for years at a time. The pigment chosen will also make a difference, which is why you need to rely on skilled, experienced clinicians for this kind of work.

Whether you ultimately go with microblading or nano blading to enhance your brows and your overall look, the team at Washington Microblading has your answers. Contact us to learn more about our techniques and services.

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