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Thinning Brows? Consider Nano Blading!

You've probably heard of microblading, a semi-permanent makeup trend that has been going strong for several years. Professionals use a small blade to deposit color into your skin, not entirely unlike a tattoo, with hair-like strokes. The result can be natural or dramatically change the appearance of your eyebrows for a year before you need maintenance.

There's a New Cosmetic Procedure in Town

However, microblading isn't the only service on the block. Nanoblading is a similar process that uses a needle instead of a blade to create even smaller, and sometimes more natural strokes. Nanoblading is ideal if you want to fill in some thin areas or accentuate your natural brows without entirely changing their appearance.

Nanoblading isn't just useful for naturally thin brows, either. If your brows are thin because of past overplucking or having become thin due to illness, nanoblading can restore the natural fullness you once had.

What to Expect During and After Your Nanoblading Appointment

You might find nanoblading is less intimidating if you're new to permanent makeup. The smaller needle causes less trauma to your skin, too. Of course, nanoblading artists know how to make their clients comfortable. Numbing cream can reduce any discomfort you experience during the procedure. Plenty of people have gone back to their artists for maintenance appointments, so they find the discomfort is well worth it. Nanoblading has helped many people face the world with more confidence.

A good artist also works with you to create a custom plan for your brows. Of course, you may have heard that eyebrows are sisters and not twins, and your unique face shape and pattern of brow growth will impact the final result. You can schedule a consultation to discuss exactly what you want to get from this permanent makeup procedure.

The nanoblading appointment itself takes a few short hours, and you're done. Keep in mind that your eyebrows will look quite dark when you walk out from your first appointment. But the impression changes after your brows heal. Following directions from your artist ensures healing and increases the likelihood that you'll be pleased with what you see.

You'll need to periodically return to top up your eyebrows, including an initial touchup. However, this maintenance can help your brows last for up to three years! Imagine the time and effort you'll save if you fill in your eyebrows with makeup every day. No visit to the pool or gym will require you to reapply your makeup.

And if you decide you want to switch things up or even go for a more dramatic effect after your initial experience with nanoblading, the artists at Washington Microblading are here to help!

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