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When & Why Your Touch-Up Appointment is Necessary

Semi-permanent makeup solutions have grown increasingly popular in the 25 years since microblading first rose to prominence. First introduced throughout Asia in the late 80s, Microblading would start as a form of temporary tattooing, utilizing similar application techniques.

As the trend grew more famous, it became attached to social media influencers like Kim Kardashian. Now a full-blown fashion craze, microblading is accepted throughout the world thanks to its stylish influence and impact on the fashion industry.

After undergoing an initial microblading treatment, it is important to continue pursuing touch-ups. Let's explore when to schedule a microblading touch-up as well as what to expect from the service.

Microblade Touch Up 101: Tips For Your Beauty Routine

Microblading is a technical form of manual tattooing which relies on the insertion of pigment through the upper-reticular dermal layer. Tiny hair-like strokes create a natural and aesthetic effect that can fill out our brows, add glamorous details, or merely make our most important features stand out.

How Long Will My Microblade Brows Last?

While everyone will have their own unique experiences, the average microblading service is effective for between 12 and 24 months, pending the number of scheduled maintenance touch-ups. Microblading is considered a semi-permanent form of make-up for this exact reason.

Key Takeaway: As a semi-permanent form of make-up, consider spending $50 for a consultation with the team at Washington Microblading. This consultation will clear up what to expect from your service so that you can feel comfortable with your purchase. If you go forward with the service, the $50 deposit will go toward your microblading appointment.

Importance of Touch-Up Treatments

Following your initial microblading session, you will likely need between four and six weeks of recovery for your brows to fully recover. After healing properly, it is normal for pigmented brows to have slightly faded, sometimes even leaving small gaps. In reality, your first touch-up treatment is more like the second segment of your initial service.

Touch-ups provide:

  • Fuller, More Defined Brows

  • Complete and Total Coverage

  • Maintain Brow Depth

When Should You Schedule A Microblade Touch-Up?

For your first official touch-up treatment, consider booking an appointment with your favorite Washington Microblading team for six to eight weeks after your initial appointment. Touch-up fills will focus on areas where pigment has not taken as well to the skin, giving both depth and corrective filling to the client.

Touch-up treatments and maintenance appointments are considerably faster-moving than the initial microblading service as the only goal is to correct small areas of concern.

A touch-up service combined with your initial microblading appointment will provide fully realized coverage for between two and three years. However, companies like Washington Microblading opt to perform maintenance treatments and microblading touch-ups every 12 months or so.

Book a Consultation at Washington Microblading Today!

Washington Microblading is dedicated to providing its clients with access to the best and most effective microblading services in the entire region. Staffed by a team of professionals focused on customer satisfaction, there has never been a better time to schedule a microblading consultation!

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