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Why Choosing the Right Microblading Artist is Important

Microblading is a form of manual tattooing. Pigment is inserted in the upper-reticular dermal layer of the skin, making tiny hair-like strokes using a manual micro-blade tool. Because this is more superficial than a traditional tattoo, it is considered semi-permanent, results last 1-2 years. Annual touch ups are recommended. With Microblading, we can create completely natural looking eyebrows, since every hair is drawn manually with a very thin blade specifically created for this purpose.

An integral service to provide the beauty improvements you desire, it is important to work with the right microblading artist to get the job done correctly. Let's take a look at a few reasons why you might want to consider choosing the best microblading artist available!

Common Microblading Side Effects

One of the foremost reasons to consider hiring a professional microblading expert is to minimize side effects. Side effects aren't exactly common through microblading, but they can manifest as a result of poor technique. There are a few key side effects that we need to clarify to ensure that readers are properly prepared for their next service.

  1. Reduce Scar Tissue — Microblading services are fantastic for brows that are easy to maintain. However, a poorly trained artist can actually develop scar tissue by applying too much pressure during the treatment. Experienced artists have a soft touch that is effective yet delicate.

  2. Maximize Color Consistency — Nobody wants to have eyebrows that are differing shades. To have consistent, similarly colored brows, make sure to hire a microblading expert. Multi-colored brows can manifest as a side effect of microblading due in large part to a lack of proper understanding regarding ink. The best microblading artists will have a comprehensive understanding of color consistency during application.

  3. Minimize Chances of Failure — While microblading has grown increasingly common in recent years, it is still a specialty service. For that reason, it is important to turn to professional companies like Washington Microblading to ensure that our needs are met with minimal downside.

Utilize Professional Grade Inks

It is also enormously important to work with professional microblading artists because they tend to use the best inks and equipment possible. Amateur artists and those new to the industry might end up using bad, amateur, or lackluster inks. Cheap inks are typically brimming with nickel, iron oxide, and mercury. These ingredients can cause harmful results that will diminish your microblading experience.

About Washington Microblading

Selecting the right microblading artist is as easy as calling the team at Washington Microblading. Nestled in the heart of Vancouver, WA, Washington Microblading is where clients can find custom mapped eyebrows that frame their eyes and their face, bringing unique traits to life.

For an effortless and natural microblading experience, pick up the phone and call Jodi at your convenience. Locals can head online to book their next appointment, today!

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