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Why Women Over 60 Should Consider Microblading

Microblading: A Smart Cosmetic Option for Senior Women

When you think of cosmetic procedures such as microblading that involve adding semi-permanent makeup to eyebrows, do you normally envision women aged 40 and under pursuing such techniques? While it's true that the majority of microblading recipients fall into that age range, it's equally true that women over 60 can enjoy tremendous benefits from it as well. If you have any doubt, look no further than one of the most famous examples, actress Helen Mirren, who swears by microblading for the positive effect it's had on her looks and quality of life. Let's take a look at why women over 60 should give serious thought to microblading.

How Age Affects Your Eyebrows

Women's eyebrows naturally change with age. As you grow older, changes in your hormonal balance can affect your eyebrows' growth cycle, causing new hairs to replace old ones more slowly and sporadically. You may see your eyebrows growing thinner and thinner. The hairs that do grow in may appear coarser than the ones they're replacing. To add insult to injury, those hairs may appear grey or white instead of your former hair color.

Your previous cosmetic eyebrow care routine can aggravate the problem of sparse, uneven eyebrow growth. Years or even decades of eyebrow plucking may have left you with damaged follicles that simply can't keep up the illusion of full eyebrows. As a result, you find yourself laboring away with an eyebrow pencil -- and as any senior knows, fine work that calls for sharp eyesight and fine manual dexterity becomes more difficult as the years go by.

Microblading to the Rescue

Microblading gives your eyebrows the fullness and darkness you seek while also eliminating the need to pencil in a new pair of eyebrows every day. In this technique, the cosmetic practitioner makes tiny, hair-like incisions along the eyebrows, adding pigment in your chosen color just beneath the skin's surface. The results look far more like natural eyebrows than machine-based eyebrow tattooing methods.

What to Expect From Microblading

Microblading's effects typically retain their depth of color for anywhere from 18 months to three years before beginning to fade, at which point you'll want to have the procedure repeated. During that period, you'll love having perfect eyebrows round the clock, with no need to invest in eyebrow pencils or squint in front of a mirror while trying to keep your hand steady for application.

As in every cosmetic procedure, there are right ways and wrong ways to approach microblading. This holds especially true for seniors, since the thinner skin and loss of elasticity that accompanies aging requires a gentle touch and extra skill. Washington Microblading knows how to give women over 60 (and under 60) beautiful-looking eyebrows that can last for years. Book your online appointment with us today!

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