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Natural Makeup

Have you seen our 5 Star         reviews on GOOGLE!?!

"I am in love with my brows! The natural shape and color is perfect.  I never imagined they would turn out so amazing! Jodi is a magician and so talented.  I was a Micro-blading sceptic, and she did such a great job explaining the process, and was able to answer all my questions.  I felt so comfortable during the procedure and would recommend Jodi through and through."  - Erin 

Love my new brows!!! Jodi is amazing. I'd highly recommend her.  -Lindey 

Jodi was very sweet, knowledgeable and a perfectionist.  She did a great job! I will be referring many clients to her.  -Christina 

I was so pleased with Jodi.  She was so kind and gentle and understood my concerns.  I would highly recommend her. 


Amazing!!!! I wouldn't want another person working on my wife's brows.  She is kind, professional and her atmosphere was outstanding.  What a great woman and a wonderful personality.  She truly has a knack for this.  I would recommend her to anyone!!! -Jackie

I was terrified to do anything permanent to my face. Tattoos? on my face? What if I don't like it? What if I'm allergic? What if I get an infection? Yep... I was THAT person.  Fortunately for me, my awesome friend Jodi, was a microblading specialist and I trusted her as a person.  Jodi has a way of making anyone feel comfortable and is also a total perfectionist.  My eyebrows turned out better than I ever imagined.  They look so natural, no one can tell they aren't.  I LOVE waking up looking ready everyday.  Jodi told me my life would be separated into two categories.... before brows and after.  She was totally right! I love the way I look and wish I had done them sooner!"                     -Natalie 

Very happy with my brows!! She takes her time and pays close attention to detail.  


I had an amazing experience.  The Studio is very clean, spacious, and comfortable.  Jodi is super friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  I will refer her to anyone who wants their brows done.  

Super clean and professional.  She's really nice and takes her time.  I'm a perfectionist and am very happy with my brows.  I brought my  8 week old because I am breast feeding and she was very accommodating.  I definitely recommend her!    -Haley

Amazing, very clean and professional.  Very nice and I have already got so many compliments. 


Very nice clean and professional.  She took her time and did it right!   -Amber

"Love my low-maintenance brows! Jodi was very professional and easy to work with. She took her time and made sure every stroke was perfect! They turned out so well, I highly recommend her work." 

                                                       - Julie  

I loved my experience.  She does an amazing job making sure you are getting what you want.    -Valerie 

I am super happy with the process.  Jodi was great and I would definitely recommend her to family and friends. 


So happy I did my research and came across Jodi with Washington Microblading. One week post treatment and LOVING the results.  I have received multiple compliments on how good my brows look and how well the complement my face shape.  Love my brows!  -Sarah 

So amazing! the results are fantastic! She explains everything and works hard to make sure your brows are perfect and exactly what you want!  -Shimea

"For as long as I can remember I have had to pencil my eyebrows in, what a relief it is to NOT have to worry about that anymore and to wake up with eyebrows that look amazing!  I was impressed with the way Jodi reassured me that I was going to love the results (which I totally do) and how she made me feel comfortable and relaxed during my visits with her.  I absolutely hands down recommend this for anyone who is tired of "having" to pencil in their eyebrows everyday.  It is so worth it & I am so glad I did it."        - Amy 

I can't say enough great things about Washington Microblading and Jodi's eyebrow skills.  I'd been considering micro blading for a couple years.  In doing so I followed many artists and even went to a well-known Portland Microblading expert for a consultation prior to scheduling with Jodi.  I am so glad I waited to find Jodi! She was absolutely the right person to go through this with!  She's the perfect combination of professional and personable, she listened to what I wanted and was thorough in mapping my eyebrows to create the perfect shape and getting the color spot on!  I am a very low maintenance, low makeup person so having my eyebrows look natural yet "done" is the best thing I could've done for my face!  If you have been considering micro blading, go see Jodi!  I love my eyebrows and I've seen many of her other clients brows and they all look so good! 


Jodi was absolutely incredible! My eyebrows are 100! 100! Jodi has the cutest home studio and is meticulous with her work. She took her time discussing the different options and looks of the permanent makeup to make sure I chose theist one! Love my brows! 


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